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Line Jetting Services

High pressure line jetting from SpectraTec Services Group provides an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly method of cleaning drain systems by breaking up sludge and debris, removing hardened scale and flushing out the entire system. Newly installed pipe systems can also be fully cleaned out for final inspections.

Our operators have extensive experience performing both of these line jetting services and their associated requirements. Need video verification of the completed job? We can send a camera down through the entire system and provide a video file of the condition of the pipes.

Clogged pipes can cause reduced water flow and shorten the life of your drainage system. To clear a clog, you need line flushing from a Vactor truck equipped with the right hose. Preserve the life of your pipes and eliminate potential problems with professional line jetting services from SpectraTec Services Group. We offer service 24/7 to meet your scheduling demands.

Contact us today to schedule a line flushing service at your location. You can also learn more about our hydro excavating services, perfect for trenching and other “daylighting utilities.”

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