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Vactor Truck Catch Basin Cleaning in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas


Like storm drains, catch basins are used to collect rainwater from properties and streets, transporting it to surrounding rivers and waterways via underground piping, culverts and drainage ditches. The main purpose of a catch basin is to collect dirt and debris for disposal, so it must be cleaned out periodically to avoid clogs.


Keeping “CB’s” clean for final site inspections and as a part of an ongoing maintenance program are common applications for our Vactor truck and its line flushing hose. Our operators know how to accomplish these tasks efficiently and completely for “signoffs” and for maximizing the intended purpose of the catch basin system for the location.


If your catch basins have been blocked due to construction that has caused other messes as well, SpectraTec Services Group is also available for construction cleanup. Please contact us for more information or to request a service appointment for your catch basin or construction site.

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